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Founded in 2014 by Melbourne-based graphic designer Lauren Skorsis, her design studio inspires to challenge conventional design using innovative approach and execution, with the objective to consistently deliver something that is better than the last.

With more than a decade of experience in the industry, an exceptional knowledge of pre-press, in addition to a long list of qualifications and extensive training with print machinery, Lauren Skorsis has worked hard to be accredited as one of the best in her field, with her design studio mirroring this.

Working across a range of different subfields, Lauren Skorsis has created artwork for branding, identity, publications, print, advertisements, packaging, signage, web graphics and so forth. She works closely and creatively with her clients to meet their individual design needs – whether they be business, corporate or personal – always delivering a very professional unique service and a product of exceptional standard.

All artwork is custom designed by Lauren Skorsis, with each brief undergoing an individual design process. Lauren sets out to understand the vision of each client, working to create a strong outcome exceeding all expectations, in addition to applying it across corresponding artwork to allow a consistent feel from start to end.

Artwork is printed in-house by Lauren Skorsis' small fully trained team with all setup, proofing and collation done by Lauren. For anything that is beyond her professional capabilities, she sources the best to assist.

She also is an artist, and can create commissioned pieces in various mediums.

Since the development of her design studio in 2014, Lauren also works heavily within the events industry. Lauren has worked alongside some of the best in the events industry, those including Philip Carr & Associates (Sydney), BNT Management (Sydney), Styled by Coco (Melbourne), and Belinda Fitzpatrick Events; formerly The Three Piece Suit (Melbourne) to name a few. She has also worked on corporate events and installations for Collier International, Melbourne Racing Club (MRC), Sussex, Uva Salon, Vicinity Centres and Victoria Racing Club (VRC). Her work has been featured in Vogue, and also has been seen at Book & Event Launches, Bayside Shopping Centre, Brandon Park & Oakleigh Central, DFO, Emporium Melbourne, Epping North Shopping Centre, Highett Shopping Centre, Lilydale Marketplace, Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival, Northland Shopping Centre, Ocean Grove Marketplace, Pakenham Central Marketplace, The Glen, Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival, Westfield Fountain Gate and Wyndham Vale Square.

Lauren believes it is imperative to give back to the community and generously offers her services to a number of non-profit organisations, charities and Greek Orthodox Church's, in addition to donating profits from products to Beyond Blue, Cooper Rice-Trading Foundation, National Breast Cancer Foundation and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre; in her ongoing efforts to raise awareness and honour her family and friends who have lost their lives, and to those who are left behind that battle mental illness as a result.


From a very young age Lauren's passion for art and design was evident. Her mother had a great love for art and introduced her to the many facets of art and design.

"I was very fortunate to be raised surrounded by creativity. My mother went through so many creative phases which allowed me to experiment with different mediums that today have provided the foundation and inspiration to create visually appealing imagery."

In Lauren's teenage years she was at the top of her Art and Mathematic classes. She had ambition and goals, and envisioned her professional life to be one of great success. After high school she continued her studies at Monash University, receiving numerous awards and qualifications in her many years dedicated to art and design, and an outstanding review for her illustration Self Portrait (2008).

"My proudest achievement to date was gaining my Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication). It was a fulfilling moment, and not for the most discernible reason, but for the fact that it was during a very arduous time in my life. Despite that, I put God first, held onto my faith, and never gave up."

"I have acquired the understanding to embrace challenges, challenging yourself is an essential part of growth; obstacles operate in the same context, they exist to motivate and magnify our capabilities and to prepare us for the problems ahead. If everything remained the same, there would be no substance and we would not grow as designers. Although many obstacles have emerged throughout both my professional and private life, it has allowed me to evolve as a designer, and more importantly as a person. It is up to us how we face each challenge or obstacle; we can approach it with a positive heart, or negative heart. If we apply certain principles to the way we respond or co-exist with our conditions, it can develop and strengthen our character, and for me, strengthening my mind has been both a challenge and a necessity."

After University, Lauren began working full-time at a printing and pre-press company, where she acquired an exceptional wealth of knowledge in the various printing techniques and processes. It was also at a time when she began freelancing for various corporate companies.

"I have an exceptional eye for typography and grid. You can see the difference between artwork that has been designed with an understanding of typography, and one that has not. If you don't understand the importance of typography fundamentals like leading, kerning, tracking, hierarchy and so on, and then design elements and principles; unity, space, balance, scale; it is difficult for artwork to be visually appealing. An intelligent designer should always consider the message behind what is being depicted. Behind every element there should be examined reasons as to why it belongs there and what service it provides, from its size to its shape to its orientation and so on; consequently enforcing the significance of visual communication in design."

Her four years of employment tragically coincided in 2012 with the passing of her mother after a 7 year long battle with cancer. In 2014, and after a 2 year break, Lauren began freelancing again.

"There is an incredible strength in the human spirit and what a determined mind can attain. When I began, I went in with the mentality that if I am going to do this again, I'm going to put my heart and soul into it and I'm not going to stop until I reach every single goal that I set; ensuring I set goals way out of reach to push myself to reach a little higher. I really understand the person I am, and although I have quite a meek character, I am confident in my craft. If you want to succeed, you should on no occasion compare yourself or your work with any others. There are some creatives that may seem ahead of the game, and some that may seem behind, with a fine line to how one may interpret ahead and behind, however I never occupy my thoughts with this type of obstructive thinking. Successful individuals run their own race, at their own pace. I wouldn't call myself an optimist, and most definitely not a pessimist, I'm somewhat in between, however I do practice the art of positive thinking."

Creative Director & Graphic Designer
B.Des, Dip.A